Tired of working for someone else?
Start and run your own courier business!
  • Be your own boss.
  • Deliver packages, envelopes, boxes, larger parcels.
  • Work when you want to work.
  • Drive where you want to drive.
  • Take advantage of our LoadBoard to find jobs that fit your schedule.
  • Thousands of postings per month.
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How Couriers Choice works
Couriers Choice matches licensed, insured drivers with courier companies.
  • Delivery company receives
    an order from a customer.
  • Company places order on our LoadBoard, along with an "offer price", your compensation for a successful delivery.
  • You see the order on your Android device via our unique app and consider whether
    to place a bid.
  • You have three options: accept the offer price, bid with another price, or do nothing.
  • When you and the company agree on terms, you will be awarded the delivery.
Your Android app transmits real-time status codes (arrival and departure), along with a POD (proof of delivery) to ensure clean relationships between you and your clients.
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